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Welcome to Expats dating, where expatriots living, working or studying overseas can meet friends, partners or potential lovers. Many have escaped unpredictable situations and climates in favour of 'the good life abroad'. People leave their home country and become expats for many reasons, be it to take advantage of more affordable markets, a new job, to study, to work, or maybe to be with other family members who are already living overseas. Whatever your reasons, things you are bound to miss are your family, friends and people you have met on your journey through life. If you are currently living overseas, we hope you will use Expat Dating to find others living in your community for friendship, fun or love. Internet dating is like a party with millions of guests, each one looking for friendship, love or romance. Why not join the party? Why Expats look for dating partners overseas >>

Quote of the day from Expats Dating: 'A stranger is just a friend you haven't yet made'

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Puola, Katowice
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Uruguay, Montevideo
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Yhdistyneet arabiemiirikunnat, Dubai
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Ranska, Lyon
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